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EPC Haverhill

Domestic & Commercial Energy Performance Certificates Haverhill

We provide commercial EPC and domestic EPC surveys in Haverhill. We also carry out a wide range of other surveying services. If you need any kind of property survey for a building you are selling or renting in Haverhill or the surrounding area, then contact us today for impartial advice and a free, no obligation quote.

Our Haverhill EPC team can carry out commercial EPC surveys, domestic EPC surveys, SAP and BRUKL surveysfor new build properties, asbestos surveys and fire risk assessments.

As well as covering the Haverhill area, we also work further afield. The new Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) legislation means that from April 2018, landlords cannot grant a new tenancy for a property with an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rated below an E. We can survey your entire portfolio, wherever the properties are and whatever types of buildings are included.

When we carry out an EPC for MEES compliance we will also provide you with expert advice on the quickest and most cost effective way to improve your buildings EPC rating. Please enquire for bulk pricing for portfolios of property, no matter how big or small.

Both Domestic and Commercial EPCs are valid for 10 years from the date of production. The documents we provide are compliant with regulations for both rental and sale of properties, and in the case of SAP and BRUKL surveys, with the requirements of building control. It is a mandatory requirement for all domestic and commercial properties in Haverhill and across the UK to have an EPC before they are marketed for sale or, in the case of rental property, before any prospective tenants are shown round.

Our assessors usually take around 30 minutes to carry out an EPC survey for an average 4 bedroom property, or a small commercial premises such as a convenience store.

Display Energy Certificate DEC Haverhill

Larger public buildings over 250m² in Haverhill and across the UK are required to have a DEC on display in a public place. Whilst an EPC survey just looks at the fabric of the building, heating systems and lighting, the DEC survey also takes into account 1 years worth of energy bills, and therefore looks at the way you use the building. The purpose of displaying this certificate in a public place is to allow those visiting your building to see how its energy efficiency compares to that of other similar buildings in the same sector across the UK.

Our Haverhill Display Energy Certificate assessor will be able to assess your building and provide you with the required document. If your building is under 1000m2 then the certificate is valid for 10 years. If it is larger than this then it will need to be updated every year. We only need to carry out a site visit for the first survey. Future reports are done as a desk exercise using your energy bill data, and as such are provided at a reduced price.

Asbestos Surveys Haverhill

If you own or have responsibility for a non-domestic property (such as a shop, office or industrial property) anywhere in the UK, and if it was built pre-2000, then you are required to have an asbestos management survey in place at all times. In addition, if your property previously been shown to contain asbestos then this survey has to be actioned accordingly and regularly re-inspected; normally on an annual basis. We can provide you with an Asbestos Survey in the Haverhill Area

SAP EPC Haverhill

Any new dwellings and existing dwellings that have been created through the change of use or conversion require a SAP EPC to demonstrate compliance with part L of the building regulations. Also if you are extending your property and the total window area of the extension is greater than 25% of the floor area, then building control will require you to provide SAP calculations for overglazing.

Our highly experienced team of assessors can provide SAP calculations at design stage, consultation as to how best to achieve part L compliance, and on completion of the build SAP EPC and compliance report documents.

Contact us anytime to discuss your requirements for a SAP EPC in Haverhill, for information about SAP calculations for over glazed extensions, or if you require any other advice about the thermal performance of your new build dwelling.

We will email you you the moment your report has been processed. Our turnaround time is usually less than 3 working days from the assessors visit. If you require your EPC more quickly than this then please enquire.

Easy EPC have been producing Energy Performance Certificates since they were first introduced in 2007. We pride ourselves on providing a fast and friendly service at a highly competitive price. Our dedicated team are always on hand to deal with any queries you may have. Try our competitively priced and efficient service. Contact us to book your Energy Performance Certificate today.