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What is an EPC?

Page 4

What is an EPC Page 4

Section A

This section gives the details of the qualified assessor who visited the property and produced the document. It also informs you about which accreditation scheme the assessor belongs to and how to contact the accreditation scheme if you need to lodge a complaint about the assessor.

Section B

The main EPC rating on the front page of this document is an asset rating based on the size of your energy bills. This section of the document gives you a different rating which looks at the amount of carbon dioxide generated by your homes heating, lighting and power demands. Like the EPC rating, this ‘environmental impact rating’ also comes in two parts, the current rating estimates your homes current CO2 production and the potential rating shows what you could reduce this CO2 production to if you were to take up the recommendations in the report.

Section C

This section gives a breakdown of the amount of energy (in kWh per year) that your property could save by insulating the walls or floor. Like all the ratings in the EPC this figure is based on typical energy use. This may not always accurately reflect the way you use energy in your home.

Section D

The Addendum lists any special considerations that need to be taken into account for the property in question.

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