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Fire Risk Assessment
Remedial Work

If you’ve had a Fire Risk Assessment then you’ll know that, among other things, they include improvements to reduce the risk of fire in the building. These instructions will be paired with a timeframe that these improvements must be completed within, and failure to complete the improvements may invalidate your insurance.

Example of Fire Risk Assessment Remedial Works

Fire Safety Issue Assessment Correction Time Frame

Emergency Escape Lighting

This is lighting for emergency situations when the main power supply may fail. Emergency lighting ensures the escape of occupants to a safe place is still possible


No emergency lighting found on site

Installation of emergency lighting at each exit door, in accordance with BS 5266, is required.

Within 1 year of the date of assessment.

Testing and Maintenance of Fire Safety Equipment

As stated in The Fire Safety Order 2005, all fire safety equipment must be suitably maintained on a schedule to ensure they are in efficient working order and good repair. Maintenance work must be carried out by competent people who are specialised in this field. In addition to being tested and maintained, it must be logged whenever the equipment is tested/maintained.


No evidence or log testing and/or maintenance

Test,create maintenance schedule and create log of any testing/maintenance in accordance with BS 5306.

Within 1 month of the date of assessment.


It is a legal requirement for this property type to have an EICR carried out by a competent engineer at least every five years.


No evidence/confirmation that an EICR has been carried out within the last 5 years.

All fixed electrical installations must be inspected in line with The Electrical Safety Standards in the Private Rented Sector (England) Regulations 2020.

To be carried out immediately

Why Completing Fire Risk Assessment Remedial Work is Important

Completing the suggested fire risk assessment remedial work is important as a way to reduce the risk of fires either breaking out and causing harm to occupants/visitors. Additionally, failure to carry out mandatory improvement measures may invalidate your insurance.

If you need a Fire Risk Assessment, then you can...

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