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Get Building Control Compliant Air Tightness Testing in Billingham

Air Tightness Test
Air Tightness Test
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Get your Air Permeability Test in Billingham the easy way

Our Billingham fully accredited Air Tightness Testing engineers can test up to 15 new build or converted properties in one day, allowing us to ensure that no matter what size your development in Billingham is, that it achieves compliance with the Building Regulations set out in Approved Document L and is ready for Building Control sign off.

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Simply request your quote using our contact form or by phone. Our customer care team will quickly get in touch during opening hours.
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We will arrange an appointment with you, carry out the survey, and once completed send you an invoice.
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Get Your Air Tightness Testing Results Instantly
As soon as we receive payment of the invoice, we will email your Air Tightness Testing report. We also offer corporate accounts, with survey delivery on completion and monthly billing.

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Our Billingham new build team can carry out Air Tightness Testing, Sound Insulation Testing, Water Usage Calculations, Ventilation Testing, SAP Calcs and EPC and Overheating Calculations alongside many other related property services.
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If your property does not pass its air tightness test, we can help you by discussing potential issues that could be causing the failure and what can be done to correct this
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Easy EPC has been providing EPCs since they were introduced in 2007
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Blower Door

Air tightness testing, also known as air permeability testing or blower door testing

This was included in Part L of the building regulations in 2010, as part of the government’s scheme to conserve fuel and power.

Ensuring the air tightness of a property is at an appropriate level is not only part of building regulations, but also vital for ensuring that both heat doesn’t leak too quickly from a property while there is still enough ventilation to prevent stagnant air and the risk of damp and mould forming.

“Air Tightness” is defined in Approved Document F to mean how resistant the envelope of a building is to air entering or escaping the building while all other ventilation, like windows, vents and doors, are closed.

Do you need an Air Tightness Test?

All new build commercial properties that are over 500m² are required to have an air tightness test carried out.

All new build and converted residential properties require an air tightness test.

What does an air tightness test in Billingham involve?

Easy EPC air tightness engineers follow the ATTMA TSL1/2 methods for testing, as required by UK Building Regulations.

Prior to the appointment we will provide a clear checklist that, once completed, will ensure your property’s test goes smoothly and achieves the most accurate result possible.

All doors, windows and vents must be installed, closed and/or sealed during the test. A piece of specialist equipment with a large fan is fitted to a standard sized external door and, when turned on, it extracts air from the property. This allows air permeability to be calculated by finding the difference between the internal and external pressure of the building envelope.

Residential new builds and conversions need to achieve a minimum level of air permeability of (10m3/(h.m2)).

Commercial properties require a minimum minimum standard of ≤(10m3/(h.m2)) at a pressure of 50 pascals.

blower door

What do you receive?

If your property receives a pass you will receive an iATS accredited pass certificate, which is ready to be given to your SAP assessor and Building Control. The certificate includes the measured air permeability, envelope area of the building, assessors name and competence level.

If your domestic property fails then our assessor will get in touch with the site contact to discuss what could be causing the fail and potential corrections, which could be as simple as fitting draught excluders.

If your commercial property fails then it’s likely that further diagnostic testing will be required, such as smoke tests and thermographic surveys, which we can quote for.

Book in Today

To get a quote for an Air Tightness Test in Billingham for your property simply give us a call on 0800 170 1201, or alternatively fill in our contact form.

Once we have provided you with a quote, if you wish to go ahead and book we will also need invoicing details and contact details for whoever is allowing access on site. We don't charge up front, but will invoice you for the work on completion, and release your report upon receipt of payment.

Once booked in we will contact you, or if you prefer, an alternative site contact to arrange the Air Tightness Test appointment. After we have visited the site and completed your survey, we will write up your air tightness test certificate, at which point we will contact you to let you know it's ready and provide you with an invoice. On payment of the invoice we will email your Air Tightness Test certificate.

Our prices start from £199 + VAT, depending on size and location of the property.

You will need...

  • Full Address/Postcode
  • Clear floor plans, sections and elevations

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A standard air tightness test appointment takes between 45 minutes to an hour.

Air tightness testing, or air permeability testing, determines “leaks” in a building's fabric and to what extent air escapes through the leaks (not including vents, windows, doors, etc. which are sealed during testing).

Air tightness testing is done to show compliance with Building Regulations.

Before your appointment, we will send a clear checklist to ensure the appointment goes smoothly and your property achieves the most accurate result possible.

New build commercial properties over 500m2 and all new build or conversion residential properties are required to be tested to determine their air-tightness.

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