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TM44 Air Conditioning Certificate FAQs
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Thanks for visiting our resources portal, in this article we aim to answer all frequently asked questions about TM44 certificates, from the basics to the more complex questions. If you have a question that you can't find the answer to here then please feel free to get in touch, as we'll be more than happy to help! You can either fill in our contact form or call one of our expert admin team on 0800 170 1201.

A TM44 survey is an in depth survey of the air conditioning unit(s) on site, followed by a desk based exercise where the data is processed into a detailed document of the findings and ways that the unit(s) can be optimised.

The TM44 certificate, or report, is a detailed document that is compiled after a site visit, it includes information such as:

  • Key Findings - building performance, average system energy rating, etc.
  • Executive summary - purpose of the survey, building information, business hours, maintenance, etc.
  • Tables and Calculations - assets register, equipment, comparisons, energy usage, ACE WIZARD energy calculations, etc.
  • Site photographs.
  • Ways to improve the unit in terms of carbon emissions, energy bills, etc.

The TM44 report must be lodged on the Energy Certificate Register, and it will expire after 5 years.

TM44 is the standard for correctly carrying out a comprehensive inspection of A/C units to satisfy the EPBD regulations.

TM44 regulations require buildings that have air conditioning systems with an effective rated output of 12kW or more (or a number of smaller units that total 12kW or more) to have a TM44 inspection carried out and lodged to the Energy Certificate Register every 5 years.

Yes. Any properties with A/C unit(s) with a total effective rated output of 12kW or more is legally required to comply with TM44 regulations.

Every five years, at least.

TM44 inspections are required every 5 years, legally, for buildings A/C unit(s) with a total effective rated output of 12kW or more.

Building managers or owners of properties with A/C unit(s) with a total effective rated output of 12kW or more need TM44 inspections and reports.

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